Thursday, August 23, 2012

If Shmarya's Thread is Any Indicator

After Obama gets his butt kicked in November and the USA becomes a racist country again (note my sarcasm), liberal jews are going to have a ton of vitriol towards politically conservative jews.

Shmarya Rosenberg's thread cursing republican jews is disgusting, divisive, and indicative of being a sore  loser if the current presidential polling holds until November.

Are the jews a nation under God, or a nation under either democrats or republicans? Does Shmarya have a wet dream of the jews being a one party state within the two party system?

Shmarya is an atheist he doesn't believe in the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai and Shmarya barely follows orthodox judaism just like minor habitual stuff in diet; yet Shmarya twists orthodox jewish law in order to pimp liberal causes.

I would go so far as to suggest that

"May the state of Arizona expand their definition of 'suspected illegal immigrants' to "anyone who doesn't hunt"

is racist anti-white race baiting from the man who portrays himself as the great defender of modernity and tolerance in the jewish world; and yes while there may be pockets of antisemites in every U.S. state, it's statistical nonsense. There is no evidence that a significant percentage of Arizona is antisemitic or wants to kill people who don't hunt.

America is a great country, a lousy 15% hate jews, with 17% having some anti-jewish attitudes. Ok you can't make everyone loooooooooooooooooove you but if they're basically leaving you alone, what more do you want?

Experts say old stereotypes about Jews and money appear to be more widely accepted among Americans as the downturn in the economy persists.

So in other words, people who are suffering in the failed Obama economy are more prone to thinking negatively of the jews. The suggestion that if Obama could do what he wanted things would be better DOES NOT HOLD UP. Obama had 2 years of a congressional supermajority. That means two whole years of Obama being able to do what he wanted and it did not correlate with an improved economy.

Romney on the other hand, basically made Staples. Romney has experience growing companies that hire people whereas Obama has NO previous experience growing companies and hiring a work force in the private sector.

The best way to both reduce antisemitism and create jobs, is to elect a man who knows how to create jobs in the private sector.

And by the way, Shmarya Rosenberg owes a whole U.S. state an apology.

And one more thing. If you are a politically conservative jew, and orthodox judaism is too crazy for you, then get the fuck out of jewish society altogether. No point in trying to fit in with libs who will think you are misinformed at best and a nazi at worst. You can't fit in with them, and you can't debate productively with them.

And one more thing roflmao it seems that the Democrats want to create a political cult amongst blacks and jews where the "other" is racist, hates the poor, hates women, hates the environment, etc.

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