Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Usual Complaints About Orthodox Judaism Beefed Up


It's bad enough that orthodoxy has to get in between me and my cheesesteak.

It's bad enough that orthodoxy uses bull shit reason to get in between me and my cheesesteak.

Turning don’t cook a calf in its mother’s milk into a total separation of meat and dairy!? What the fuck is that? How about don’t cook a calf in its mother’s milk into a total separation of religion and sanity? This is what it is.

Kosher causes nothing but obsessive compulsive crap amongst its followers don’t let the milk go anywhere near the meat or it might invalidate the meat in another dimension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orthodox Judaism are not intellectual or moral leaders. They are a bad joke. Kosher is just one of the ways it separates you from reality.

Another way in which Orthodoxy separates you from reality is in the language. The use the bastardizations of words as halocho and matzo when clearly the vowels say it should be pronounced as halacha and matza. Nooooo ending it with o instead of a is not accent, it’s BAD FREAKEN GRAMMAR from the freaken torah scholars. It’s yeshivish ebonics. These idiots spend time wondering what the supposed divine secrets of the direct object marker (alef tov, et) in the torah without even bothering what the direct object marker is FOR in grammar.

Now going back to kosher. The damn thing costs too much. As a response, gay hipster leftist segment orthodoxy promotes vegetarianism.


Here is a gay hipster leftist rationale for kosher and rebuttals

Kashrut prevents us from eating too many animal products at once

By not mixing meat and milk at the same time, we are indirectly able to lower our intake of animal products and thus lower our cholesterol, which only comes from eating foods containing animal products.

Scientific opinions on how to lower cholesterol does NOT mention keeping kosher as a solution. Click Here for an example of what experts suggest to lower cholesterol.

It encourages eating more fruits, vegetables and grains

Because of the limitations on meat and dairy eating, the easiest way to keep kosher is to eat a lot of vegetarian, dairy-vegetarian and pescatarian (vegetarian with fish) meals, which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

These idiots don’t wanna emphasize monetary limitations of kosher meat because it will just piss people off. lol

What happens if you don’t get enough protein? (meat)

what happens if you eat too much fiber? (fruits and vegetables)

Clearly meat is a necessary part to a balanced diet. Meat and vegetables every day.

Eliminating “fast food” from your diet

Since major fast food chains are not kosher, you are taking yourself out of the cycle of pain caused by eating unhealthy convenience food.

Eliminating fast food should be mostly done anyways. It is an argument for good health, not for keeping kosher.

Ultimately, all the practical concerns that kasharut proponents bring up can be taken away with balanced diet and exercise, cardio and strength training; and by cooking meat properly.

Also, if you’re not a welfare taking ultraorthodox AND you are not rich modern morthodox, you are in the middle of the spectrum. When you are in the middle, kasharut can really take a bite. The costs of kosher can do anything from biting off a finger, to taking an arm or a leg, or even cutting your balls off; depending on where you fall on the economic spectrum.

Observe the suffering that keeping kosher is causing this household:

Dear Rabbi,

How does a Jew like myself feed my disabled daughter kosher food on such a low income? The place where they sell kosher food is usually one place in a community. This is true here where I live in the UK. All kosher food is always extensively more expensive then non-kosher food. I therefore will suffer in eternal afterlife as the greed of the people who sell kosher meat know quite well that we can only get kosher meat at their place, so they charge extra, as do their wholesalers, and the Rabbis whom charge for doubling the price of sugar at Pesach (Passover) just to say a blessing.

First of all, ROFLMAO doubling the price of sugar just to say a blessing. DAMN. WTF is this, Miracle Sugar? XD lololol

And of course ohr somayach’s rabbi answered with

The price of kosher products can be frustrating, and your anger is understandable. And if one is indeed in great financial difficulty, G-d takes that into account in judging the person. A low-income, however, is not a reason to eat non-kosher food.

Yep you’re low income, but you still gotta feed rabbis who are already fat fat fat.

Then the rabbi says

Regarding Passover, the Rabbi does not bless the sugar. What actually happens is that a Rabbi or a supervisor oversees the production to ensure that no leavened products come in contact with the sugar. Or the machines at the sugar plant (which may also be used to process other substances not kosher for Passover) may need to be cleaned. Again, such supervision requires paying someone a salary to do it.

Now I have several questions to that.

1) What leavened products is the rabbi talking about that they are afraid of? Or are they just pimping their supervision to make money?

2) What other substances can a sugar mill make? Or are they just pimping their supervision to make money.

Enlighten me.

i'll finish formating this post later. Just wanted to get it up.

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