Friday, May 18, 2012

Black Gerim Need To Be Made To Sign A Contract To Not Call White Jews Bigots Upon Their Conversion To Judaism Or Else ADIOS To Conversion

Check out this asshole over here who recently came out as a homo and started gay-raging over getting some flack for it.

Ok first of all this asshole becomes Jewish (minority) in an orthodox setting (minority of minority) and only targets the left wing modern orthodox (MINORITY OF A MINORITY OF A MINORITY) and then this IDIOOOOOOOOOOOOOT blabbers off about UNITY of the jewish nation. Does Y-Love have any idea how much of a mental case he is?

This guy has been calling traditional white jews racists for years for disliking his rap music for being a bad influence without taking into account that these types of jews would also dislike other forms of music that does not jive with strict orthodox judaism that is NOT necessarily associated with black culture. Bam! Y-Love basically engages in REVERSE RACISM on this issue.

In this particular vid this guy flips out and wants to call traditional jews bigiots again for not going along with his faggot stuff. And in the same vid this guy babbles on about unity, WHILE raging at jews who believe God means what he says when he calls gey sex an abomination.

Me personally I'd rather be united with my fully functioning RECTUM that is NOT destroyed by BUTT SEX!!!!! Got it Y-LOVE? In the vid, observe Y-LOVE's effeminate mood swing whining and body gyrations. XD ROFLMAO

I lost faith in the jews a long time ago but if rabbis had balls they would 1) get rid of get system and just go with secular divorces and 2) make black gerim sign contract to not call white jews bigots. If a black guy can convert and call jews bigots why can't an Islamic terrorist do the same thing?

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Friar Yid (not Shlita) said...

1. Nothing he said in this video remotely compares to the crap that his opponents (Jewish and otherwise) have said about gays. See, for instance, your inability to write about gays without calling them faggots.

2. I didn't see any rage here. Also, since when is raising a finger a "body gyration?" Don't watch anyone study Talmud, SJ, it'll creep you out what with all the male-on-male gyrating.

3. Anal sex does not "destroy" your rectum any more than oral sex destroys your mouth. Both can be unsafe depending on your partner and procedure. Both can also be done safely with no damage to either participant.

4. You can have black gerim sign that contract right after you make everyone else sign one that says they'll stop saying schvartze. See how far you get.