Friday, March 2, 2012

Worst Religion Ever Reward Goes To: JUDAISM

1) Worst clerics - rabbis are either, liberal, gay, gay pedophiles, or they are ultraorthodox who wears heavy winter clothing in warm weather.

2) Worst food- Ka$haru$ industry is totally corrupt they cut corners with nonkosher ingredients and still charge kosher premiums.

3) Worst politics- most jews are so freaken liberal it's pathetic. Minimal political diversity amongst jews.

4) Worst apostates- most OTDers are either gay pervs or their lib supporters

5) Most strict religion- Judaism in dietary and shabbat laws is stricter than Islam which has no shabbat and no separation of meat and dairy.

6) Worst women- either they're ultralib you have to kiss up to gays in order to hit on them, or they are ultraorthodox you have to not want to have sex at all in order to hit on them.

7) Worst men- they are either geeky liberal faggots or they are ultraorthodox who are way too impressed with the McTruth they receive from rabbis on the fast food line (yeshivas); with zero critical thought of course.

8) Worst intellectual foundation - the vast majority of religious jews including rabbis can't survive a good intellectual grilling from a skeptic.

8) No education in ultraorthodox circles. Yeah they have religious education but no secular education which basically means they have no education.

9) Worst rest day ever- you actually have to dress formally on it.

10) Worst system of divorce ever. Secular divorces leave more than enough room for abuse. The give-a-get system invites more abuse than necessary from the man and from the woman, and it deserves to be abolished.

11) Worst country ever- Israel is slipping into theocracy. Nonreligious jews have more rights in the USA than in Israel, and the USA is safer too.

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