Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Judaism And Intellectualism

Judaism prides itself on having a so called intellectual tradition but the problem is the actual rationals for making life a pain in the ass is based on mush.

1) I just can't accept that electricity = fire.

2) I just can't accept that don't cook a calf in its mother's milk = total separation of meat and dairy.

Only in the most peripheral of manners can one make such a stretch as orthodox judaism does on these 2 points. For people born into OJ, it seems to be enough of a logical connection in order to let it make life miserable but for me and I suspect for lots of people who are more skeptical, it is just way too much of a stretch.

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Avi said...

1) The prohibition on electricity is not based on its comparison or equivalence to fire. In fact, when electricity first came into use, it was permitted by many contemporary Poskim. Its later prohibition is based on the fact that to use electricity, a circuit must be built. Building a circuit is considered a creative act. That's my understanding, anyway. I have not researched the issue.

2) It's likely that the prohibition is Halachah L'Moshe Mi-Sinai, with the Pasuk just used as an Asmachtah.