Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 Presidential Debate Part 1

Presidential Debate 2012
by: SJblogger

Discussion going on at Dov Bear blog:


If you were the author, you need to correct your animation thing.
If not, you should post a note of clarification under it.

Bush did not keep Americans safe from terror attacks after 9/11

There were the anthrax attacks
There was the DC sniper
There were the shootings at the El Al counter at LAX
There was the attack on the Seattle Jewish Federation


k granted. Bush generally kept us safe. Obama and his minions wants to play it like the USA has been totally free from terror since Obama took office.


Which is exactly how Bush played it. Obama kept us safe to the same extent Bush did.


i wouldn't say that. obama's policies are a fail like throwing mubarak under the bus so muslim brotherhood can take egypt.

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