Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Dumb As Fuck Retards

talking shit that they want to shut down Wall Street aka THE STOCK EXCHANGE. Where do these asshats think that companies get the money to grow and hire people? A major source of that money is indeed by GOING PUBLIC!!!!!


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

There was an interesting article in the local people a couple of days ago about how Michael Moore lives in a 2 million dollar home and hob nobs with all the rich and famous but says that despite all that he still belongs to the 99% because he identifies with them.
This is how intellectually lightweight the OWS movement is. Here's your president Obama stockpiling 1 billion dollars in the bank for the next election campaign. ONE BILLION DOLLARS set aside strictly for self-promotion, and the CEO's are the villians?
How much does Kim Kardashian get per episode of her show? How about Snooky? A-Rod gets how many millions of dollars a year to miss hitting the ball just under 70% of the time! Why are the OWS idiots not protesting that? Why are they attending professional sports games when the tickets are 400% higher than they need to be?

Anonymous said...

You miss the point of OWS. These companies need to be held accountable. Since the US government refuses to act on behalf of the American people, the American people are acting on their own behalf to protest corporate greed and privilege. You really ought to join or at least thank the OWS-ers. They are fighting for you at their own personal and professional risk.

At any right, they are exercising their legitimate right to assemble peaceably. Eventually, our government may wake up and start to represent the interests of the American people. Or, the companies will buckle and improve their practices. Or, OWS will continue to evolve and become a truly devastating economic weapon.

Anonymous said... think companies get money from the stock market?

SJ said...

OWS has been breaking laws, spreading diseases, and causing economic harm to working class individuals at storefronts in Manhattan's financial district. They are NOT a peaceful assembly. So many cops are needed to deal with OWS, they are NOT a peaceful assembly.

Yes moron, companies get money from stock INVESTORS. That's why they go to the stock market to grow.