Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hate Crimes At Queens Libraries And Jewish Temple

MYFOXNY.COM - Swastikas were found painted on the facades of the Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst branches of the Queens Library and on the door of Congregation Tifereth Israel on Thursday.

The Anti-Defamation League today condemned the anti-Semitic graffiti. The ADL says there were 133 anti-Jewish incidents reported across New York City in 2010.

A nationwide ADL survey released just yesterday found that anti-Semitic attitudes have risen in America.

The ADL survey found that 15 percent of Americans - nearly 35 million adults - hold deeply anti-Semitic views. That's up three percent from 2009.

"The fact that anti-Semitic attitudes have increased significantly over the past two years is troubling and raises questions about the impact of broader trends in America - financial insecurity, social uncertainty, the decline in civility and the growth of polarization - on attitudes toward Jews," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

19-percent answered "probably true" to the statement "Jews have too much control/influence on Wall Street," an increase from 14-percent in 2009.

Several cases of anti-Semitism have been documented at various Occupy Wall Street across the country.

The survey also found that anti-Semitic views among the African-American population have remained steady, but are consistently higher than the general population.

In 2011, 29-percent of African-Americans expressed strongly anti-Semitic views, according to the survey.


Now, I, SJ, did a google search on Islam Jackson Heights Queens.

This is what I found:

The Islamic Thinkers Society is a Muslim group based in New York City that seeks the goal of restoring the Islamic Caliphate to create what they call "an ideal Islamic society." They are located mainly in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City, United States.
Islamic Thinkers Society is an offshoot of Al-Muhajiroun, a pro-al Qaeda British Islamist extremist group.[1]

What a suprise.

Islam also has a sizable presence in East Elmhurst, Queens.

I'm not saying all muslims or even the general muslim population is involved in these acts at all.

These days, only white supremacists and Islamic anti-zionists are the two major groups that really equate jews with nazi symbols. NYC don't have a whole lot of white supremacists.


Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

You really don't believe that NYC doesn't have a whole lot of white supremacists. I think that could be concidered a generalization.

SJ said...

I didn't say NYC has zero haters. I think it's accurate enough of a generalization.

Tyler said...

SJ i agree.