Sunday, October 30, 2011

Homosexual Fail: No Kids To Support Old Age

Social conservatives could have told you this years ago, but the New York Times finally found it out:

According to the New York Times;

Many [homos] are growing older without the support of children or extended family members.

Of course, if a social conservative were to suggest that the homosexual lifestyle & agenda is damaging to society then these idiots would whine and scream. I think causing a large group of people to grow old without the support of children or extended family members counts as ... * drumroll * ... DAMAGE TO SOCIETY.

Also in the New York Times article:

Gay and lesbian seniors are twice as likely to live alone, according to SAGE.

Clearly, the gay agenda has failed. Now is it ok for schools and society at large to tell homos to STFU and get hitched with the opposite gender? Just kidding. It always was what society should have done.


MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

But how is this different from a childless heterosexual couple?

SJ said...

No society is perfect. It doesn't mean we need homosexuality to make society worse.

Anonymous said...

How about you get hitched with a bulldike, Secular Jackass?