Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Am Proud Of My People

Freak, I haven't used the phraseology "my people" in such a long time it's incredible.

Nothing makes me happier than when terrorists and their liberal enablers are in full retreat.

I take my hat off to the jews of the NYC district 9 who gave Obama an electorial kick in the nutsack.

Obama is an utter failure. Obama had a congressional supermajority for 2 years and Obama FAILED to have all the answers like he promised, and yet Obama expects the congressional republicans to compromise with him.

Allow me to explain it to the libtards: everything Obama touches turns to shit. Obama touched the economy, it turned into shit for 2 years with Obama and a Democrat supermajority at the helm. So now, the Republicans weren't elected to "compromise" and help Obama turn things into shit; the Republicans were elected to oppose Obama turning things into shit.

Also to top it off, the Democrat running for Weiner's seat, David Weprin, didn't even commit to living in the district that he was running in; the height of arrogance.

Prepare for more Democrat anger at the tea party, and more Democrat smear tactics, and more Democrat explosive language as 2012 comes nearer and nearer; because Republicans are on a roll.

America ackbar!

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