Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Does Homophobia even mean?

Does it exclusively mean hating gays?

Does it also mean disliking the lifestyle?

Does it also mean disliking the LGBT political agenda?

Shmarya has a new hyperbolic post calling Rabbi Areleh Harel a homophobe in the thread tag just for disagreeing with the LGBT agenda and matching gay men to lesbian women.

I don't think this is a case of an individual actually -hating- gays. Matching gay men to lesbian women is NOT at all evidence of actual hatred.

FUCK YOU FUCKING FAGGOT AIDS PIECE OF SHIT would be evidence of hating gays, mind you I just said it to piss off liberals I don't actually hate gays of course.

Matching gay men to lesbian women does not rise to the level of hatred.

Is it now phobic to disagree with a lifestyle and a political agenda? Can I call libs conservativephobic?

There's more evidence that Shmarya hates Christianity than there is for Rabbi Areleh Harel hating gays.

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