Thursday, June 16, 2011


Shmarya Rosenberg makes absurd claim in roundabout manner that being against gay marriage will lead to discrimination against jews.

It's such ludicrous suggestion that it doesn't need an answer.

Also Shmarya cries that right wingers make religious arguments against gay marriage, yet Shmarya Rosenberg makes religious "Jewish values" arguments ALL THE TIME when it comes to pimping Democrat welfare legislation.

Shmarya Rosenberg is a LIBTARD.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, WOW! Brilliant argument! You just called Shmarya Rosenberg a "LIBTARD." You definitely do not overuse that neologism of yours. In fact, I rarely witness you using the term. You must really truly mean it!

You have demonstrated your masterful brilliance and unaccountable intelligence. Why didn't I think of that? I would have never thought to call someone a "libtard." I am left marveling at your superior intellect. Were you born a genius or does it take hard work. I mean, your argumentative skills are clearly superior to that of most university professors!

In all seriousness, why don't you have your own television program, or shit, at least a radio program? You must be too clever for FOX or any other big name news media company. Clearly, your cognitive abilities exceed those of their preferred spokespersons. You must be too smart for the major networks. Calling an opponent "libtard" is obviously too high concept. The proles just don't get it. I hope you run for public office. Your superior rhetorical abilities will ensure you a landslide victory! Think of how many votes you can swing your way each time you call your challenger "libtard."

Don't waste your time on Shmarya. Clearly you have definitively refuted him for all time with one word. (Albeit a word of your own coinage.) Apply your rhetorical talents against other foes all over the Internet and in real life.

Did you learn your debating skills at your yeshivish high school? Can't be! Otherwise there would be scores of Jews with such superior argumentative skills. It is obvious that you were too bright for your school. All you had to do was call an opponent, or even someone in authority over you, a libtard and they would be speechless. I can not possibly even begin to formulate a rebuttal to such an infallible argument!