Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I walked past a synagogue coming home from some business I had to take care of somewhere, and this chabadnik (likely a chabadnik because that's their modus operandi) asked to put tefillin on me. And, I'm like omg wooooooooow this guy has no idea who he asked to put tefillin on he is after all oblivious to my identity in the J-blogosphere. I thought it was kinda funny actually but kinda sad. I just walked past him without saying anything. I do appreciate his sincerity in like tryin to save my soul but my belief is that a man can't save his own soul because there's always a higher standard that God can condemn man by and I think a man should do his best morally but as per rituals we are saved by grace instead of law. Christianity has by now infulenced me too much to look back, but I'm not like hyper religious in practice I'm just an ordinary guy. I just want to be an ordinary guy. Judaism does not let you be ordinary it's always halacha for this chumra for that, liberal judaism does let you be kinda ordinary as a leftist only problem is they'll think I'm a nazi for the ordinary Republican opinions that I stand for.

Basically if Obama loses which he probably will because he's a freaken retard who can't fix the economy, I'm probably going to take a sabbatical from blogging unless something important comes up. I need to look to the future and there's no room for Judaism in it. I belive everything the Tanach says is true, but hey face it, the Jewish community has problems, and I got better things to do than make it my problem. Baruch atah adonoi eluhanu melech haolom me natan lee hachayrut levchor aych ani rotzeh licheyut chayimee.


Anonymous said...

A chabadnik approached me about putting on tefillin. I asked him where it was written that one had to put on tefillin twice in a day. He smiled and said--so you already performed the mitzvah. I told him I didn't say that, but I ripped him a new one for insulting me by assuming that he was a better Jew than I am. Years later, he still avoids me if we are in the same room.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Just so you know, as much as I would like to see Obama replaced, it ain't happening. Of course, if Obama loses that should probably take care of your bedwetting issue, but I don't see it happening. Not that it affects me personally seeing as I am Canadian, but I honestly do not foresee any viable challengers to Obama, which says a lot about the current Republicans.

SJ said...

that was an impersonator who wrote that -.-'''''

And Romney polls basically evenly against obama.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Other than the bedwetting thing (do you really still do that?) I pretty much agree with what "I" said.
I wonder who the guy impersonating both of us is?

SJ said...

I don't know but worse comes to worse we can create a blog post to confirm that we didn't say something if we have to.