Monday, May 30, 2011

The New 2 And A Half Men Won't Be As Good

I don't normally comment on pop culture, but this is worth noting.

It takes a Charlie Sheen type of guy to play the Charlie Harper type of humor. It seems to me that Ashton Kutcher is not a Sheen type of guy. If you like 2 and a half men, prepare for a different type of humor that's either mediocre or overused, or poorly delivered Sheen type of humor.

My prediction is that the new 2 and a half men is sadly not going to retain its former glory.


Boxed Whine said...

The shtick stopped being funny after a couple of seasons. I just want poor Allan to be happy.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Not always true.
Back in the 80's The Valerie Harper show dropped Valerie after just one season and became Valerie's Family (then The Hogan Family) starring Sandy Duncan and went on to have a successful run.
Charles in Charge dumped its entire cast except for Scott Baio and his sidekick after one season and continued on for several more.
Heck, Bewitched had two different guys play the same character and it didn't hurt them.
On the other hand, Happy Days never did recover from Richie and Ralph leaving while Fresh Prince of Bel Air also lost something when they switched the actress playing the mom.
So it might not do well but give it a few shows before you decide.

Also, I don't like your new format