Thursday, May 26, 2011


in the terrible crime of the attempted murder of Mr. Aron Rottenberg via arson. It was an attempt to penalize Mr. Rottenberg for exercising his first ammendment religious freedom rights and even if the New Square town's religious leadership did not sanction the arson per se it seems they definitely sanctioned making Rottenberg's life more difficult in a harassing manner because Rottenberg decided to pray at a synagoguge of a different sect, as is my understanding from the coverage.

The feds have lots of experience dealing with ethnic enclaves and the feds need to get involved in this one. The United States constitution, the greatest legal document in the world, does not stop at any particular ethnicity or religion or sect.


Anonymous said...

why do you on other blogs say you have something to add to the story. I see nothing here except that the feds should get involved. This is on every other site as well.

SJ said...

Dude, it helps the cause to echo it.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Also, it's how he gets attention to himself. XD!