Friday, April 15, 2011

Shmarya's Pathetic Guilt Trip

So on Shmarya's masthead, it seems that he starts off with the good ol' jewish guilt trip style:
Do you have food for passover? Sadly many of us do not.

What the freak is it with the do you have food for passover? Of course we have food for passover. YES Shmarya, I do have food for Passover, and I haven't celebrated Passover in years, so I guess I just have food. How's that? For Passover I'm gonna have some sweet and sour pork.

In my opinion, someone giving me a guilt trip for charity is the quickest way to not getting a dime. Fuck you. you're not entitled to $$$ that I EARN. It's worth noting that Social Security taxes in particular fuck young people in the ass.

Yes yes, I know, I am an evieeeel Republican meanie. Whenever we make a buck in these hard times we should all be sure to give it to Shmarya or some other liberal jew to redistribute it. There is just one slight little problem with liberalism and income redistribution.


It might be only a small accounting problem though. (sarcasm) Oh but isn't it a Torah command to give charity? Ah yes well, whenever a conservative talks about abortion and gay marriage the standard liberal line is waaaaaah can't mix religion and politics so I think we can say the same thing when it comes to liberals and their bull shit government handouts.

Democrats have nothing to offer the public except for incoming taxes due to their debt racking policies, continued unemployment, and monetarily bankrupt government handout programs. We need a better way. Republicans know how to create an environment for economic (read: job) growth by lowering taxes, spending, and costly regulations. Success comes from yourself, not from the government.


%Shocked% said...

How the heck did you go from "Shmarya" asking for charity for Pesach to an anti-democratic rant? Your whole post made no sense whatsoever...

SJ said...

The theme of income redistribution, my son. You are now a jedi.

%Shocked% said...

I know what income redistribution is and even with that what you wrote is completely nonsensical.

SJ said...

You're just not on the same wavelength as me then. Adjust your dials. XD

%Shocked% said...

How about you explain yourself...? You're the one who wrote "meaningful debate" in your blog description. So, one would think that someone who claims to be interested in debating and is accused of writing nonsense would attempt to explain themselves. How about you dial me in?