Saturday, March 19, 2011

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-> Slain West Bank Israelis Mourned in New York Memorial

  • From the article, a poignant criticism of the American Jewish community "
    Among the hundreds in the audience, Leah Murray, 76, rebuked American Jews who “tend to be very concerned with the welfare of our enemies. I think that weakens us.”

-> Helen Thomas to Playboy: White House in pockets of the Israeli lobbies

  • Thomas really is a troll at this point, to borrow a Charlie Sheenism. XD She always was though. Obama has like the lowest poll numbers in Israel of any American president. Despite the American liberal jews who lick Obama's nuts, Israel does not perceive Obama as a friend. What is true though is that Obama and Netanyahu needs each other to a certain extent Obama for domestic reasons don't want to be seen as ruining the special relationship with Israel although Obama the Muslim would like to, and same for Netanyahu who don't want to be seen is ruining the special relationship with the USA for domestic reasons. This isn't a sinister conspiracy, it's ordinary politics at work and it can be ugly sometimes.

-> Turning Purim on its head with social action instead of drunkenness.

  • Some liberal synagogues / orgs are turning Purim into a social action thing instead of a have fun get drunk and party thing. It doesn't seem to me that Purim ever had a tradition of social action. I don't like this. There's more than enough time for social action. I don't believe in getting drunk and I was never drunk myself but obviously some people like it and Judaism should offer something SOMETHING when one can just let loose and have fun.

-> U.S. To Probe Antisemitism at California University.

  • As much as I am a Zionist, I don't see what American law being on the side of the Palestinians violates. Hey, face it, Israel and the Jews did a shitty job trying to win the hearts and minds of college campuses.

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Friar Yid said...

I don't see why you're attacking liberal shuls for promoting social action over geting drunk. Like you said, it's whatever your cup of tea is. If they'd rather promote one thing over another (especially to young people, who shouldn't be drinking anyway), what's the harm? Besides, it's not like there's no fun party element going on here-- the story showed lots of examples of people still incorporating traditional Purim practices (like the megillah reading) into their celebration. It's not like they're spending the day canvassing for the Democratic party or signing people up for abortions.

Besides, I rather like the idea of Purim having a bigger message besides, "Anti-semites will kill you unless you kill them. Now who wants schnapps and cookies?"