Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My New Sidebar

A few posts ago I mentioned that jews in Japan raised money for it even though Japan votes against Israel at the U.N. Normally when I mention something on this blog well, it's to be critical of it. Duh, this is a debate blog. However, when I mentioned it here it was meant to be a more of a compliment to the Jews than a criticism of Japan. The U.N. is irrelavent, at least to me, and Japanese culture is simply too good to hold some political crap against them.

Apparently a fringe of orthodox jews are sayin that the japanese have had it coming over their arrest of yeshiva students caught with drugs. Theodicy is totally unethical. It just isn't right to fuck with someone's head follow a religion and good things will happen to you or else bad things will happen to you. It is also incorrect as good things and bad things happen to people on a much more randomly distributed basis than that; it don't seem to have much to do with a person's spirituality. These kinds of theodicy based suggestions are one of the things that made orthodox judaism lose credibility to me a couple years back when I was becoming an atheist.

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