Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Liberals Are More Conservative Than They Know

Liberals may love abortion and gay marriage, but in order to compete with conservatives on a demographic level, then liberals have to not get abortions and have heterosexual families like everyone else.

Liberals may love income redistribution but in order for them to make a living and live the american dream, they have to be against redistribution of their own income.

Liberals may love gun control but you bet they'll defend their families with a gun if they had to.

In other words, liberalism is total bull shit.


Cora said...

>>Liberals may love abortion

Wow...nothing I ever say to you sticks, does it? I might has well be typing to the Great Void for all the good it does.

You cannot have your mind opened just a tiny little crack, can you? You cannot admit that maybe, perhaps, just possibily, you paint with a very large brush and use all the wrong colours. I haven't met a Liberal yet who LOVES abortions...but I've met plenty of Liberals who LOVE freedom and women rights.

It's all great to be Conservative...but it's not great (nor morally good) to continue spreading lies when you know the truth.

SJ said...

I'm for women's rights too. I just don't think that abortion is a right.

Cora said...

Then say that instead of liberals love abortion... the former is your truth the latter is an out right lie.

SJ said...

sooo, liberals hate abortion? O.O

Garnel Ironheart said...

Just as there are degrees of conservatives, there are degrees of liberals. Just as the extremes on the conservative side stick out and grab all the headlines, so too on the liberal side.
Are there liberals looking for any excuse to perform an abortion on someone, especially a conservative? Absolutely. But there are many more liberals who see abortion as a right when medically necessary, not as a form of birth control for the woman who doesn't want to take The Pill.
It's the same with everything else on your list. We think the liberals are all this way because the whackjobs amongst them dominate the headlines but that's like saying all conservatives are like Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin.

Cora said...

Thank you, Garnel :)

SJ, are you honestly going to sit there and say that *I* LOVE abortion?! Serioulsy?

Nobody loves it. I wish it wasn't necessary, but there are times that it is. It's a heartbreaking, life changing, soul wrentching thing and for you to say that people LOVE it is horrible.

Do you think women LOVE it so much that they get pregnant just to have an abortion? Seriously, SJ, check yourself.

SJ said...

Abortion exists as a weakness in society that would disappear if people were better than they are, which is possible. Abortion is -not- "necessary."

Cora said...

It is when the woman's life is in danger.

SJ said...

I'm ok with abortion when the woman's life is in danger. There is no debate about that.

Cora said...

Then you have to admit that abortions are necessary, they are not a sign of moral laxity, and it is a health issue.

Dave the Devious said...

"then liberals have to... have heterosexual families like everyone else."

Wow, SJ! You are so deep in the closet you project your latent homosexuality on a large segment of the population. Seeing as gays make up maybe 7-10% of the population, I do not see where you get your basis that liberals are not having "heterosexual families."