Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liberal Media Is Dropping Like Flies

Adios Katie Couric!

Also, this is what liberalism causes:

After blitz of the Ritz, it's the siege of Fortnum & Mason: Anarchists hijack the anti-cuts demo and go on rampage in central London These are the scenes in central London tonight as riot police struggle to control anti-capitalist protesters following the TUC's national demonstration against the cuts.

Hey Shmarya let's have another stimulus paid for by imaginary money that DON'T EXIST which fails to fix the unemployment problem. Fuckin retard.


Dave the Devious said...

Since when are anarchists "liberals" again? I thought that liberals are a bunch of big scary Stalinists who love big government. Conservatives want "small government" (allegedly this of course ignores non-fiscal issues). Anarchists demand NO GOVERNMENT. (And thus no taxes.)

Does "liberal" have a coherent definition in your world view or is it just a slur for people you don't like for whatever reason?

SJ said...

Ok Dave let me explain it to you.

Welfare state is a liberal creation.

Welfare state makes countries go bankrupt.

Budget cuts have to be made.

Crazy bastards riot.