Monday, February 21, 2011

Will I go back to Judaism? O.O O.O O.O O.O

Let me begin by saying that I have veeeeeeeeeeeeery mixed feelings about this.

Over the weekend I spoke with someone orthodox, it was a heck of a conversation. He had the skill to sell me without trying to upsell me O.O in a much more finessed and informative and laid back manner than any of these god damn kiruvniks can ever do.

I may start going to synagogue again * gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp * the thing is, I can admit that I can use a bit more structure in my life and everyone knows who the experts on structure are. XD

It would be a little weird at home to start going into a church after being an atheist; yes my parents would be religiously tolerant normal people about it unlike a certain Failed Faggot blogger, but it would still be awkward.

Judaism can be a beautiful moralistic and artistic religion when it is done correctly, but when you start getting people who are fucking assholes with the stringencies such as no tv, no talking to girls, no education etc., then it can morph into something ugly.

About my messianism, I'm simply going to keep it to myself since noone needs to know. It's out of respect because the Jewish public does not want messianic beliefs propagated. However of course, there are going to be certain nuts like the Failed Faggot who is likely a 50 year old virgin who will turn this into a conspiracy.

Romans 11 clearly affirms from the Old Testament that God is going to save all the Jews. I have absolutely no need or desire to spread messianism. Messianics who try to promote believe in Jesus .... or else .... amongst the jews are making a mistake.

As far as me and Judaism is concerned, I'll just take the parts of it that I like, a little bit of the structure, and the artistic stuff, and the food lol, and leave hard stuff for the people born with it (full observance of kasharut and shabbat). XD I mean, I still have mixed feelings about it. I still feel kinda lied to by it when I was on my way to being an atheist way back, I'm not all that willing to allow it to propagate itself on my back, but it still kinda has its merits when it is done correctly.


Cora said...

Good for you :)

SJ said...

I still have mixed feelings -_-

Cora said...

I can imagine.

Perhaps you will not become overtly devotional, but you just might find something that you've been missing. The best thing to do is go with an open heart/mind and to listen to the Inner Teacher (using a Quaker term).

If anything, you might find a re-connection to your God...isn't that what matters?