Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ROFLMAO Orthodox Jewish Gays are the biggest morons.

So it seems that the Failed Messiah blog has been purging itself of all conservative opinion, and it has 2 articles up so far trying to suck d##k whoops i meant kiss up to homo constituents. Any more pro-gay and Failed Messiah might as well turn into a gay porn site and call it Torah observant.

Since banning me from the blog, Failed Messiah has put up- Gay And Orthodox

and then Gay Orthodox Shabbaton "Heaven"


These ortho-homos were so proud of themselves that their minyan had a mechitza, but the whole point of the mechitza is to separate the genders so people focus on God and not on attractions. The ortho-homos totally missed the point. It takes real skill to be such fucking retards.

If the ortho-faggots really want a mechitza they should do the OPPOSITE of what straight people do and have men and women sit in between each other! That would truly be keeping in the spirit of what a mechitza is.

Anyways, in case Failed Messiah does actually decide to turn into a gay porn site, perhaps the picture on the home page can be Shmarya sucking Obama's nuts. Jeff and Ah-Pee-Chorus can enjoy it vicariously.

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