Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Answers

I would like to ammend a point from a few posts ago.

I wrote that the fact that atheists and people of all different religions do well in life points to less divine involvement in the world due to the lack of a black and white reward and punishment system. There is a flipside one can be like God is soooo just, he cares for everyone regardless of belief etc. etc. etc.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Fine, I'll give you a hint: they're the little blue pills next to your toothpaste. Take them with water though.

Listen, your whole post is amply explained in multiple classic Jewish sources as proof of the doctrine of free will - God specifically doesn't run the world in a black and white fashion because if he did, we would obey him not out of choice but out of inevitability which is something He doesn't want.

SJ said...

I prefer milk and cookies over blue pills and water.

Also, it's not as simple. Remember, when God was basically present, there was still a golden calf incident. It's not like God by being present will control someone telekinetically.

SJ said...

Maybe Descartes was right for being so obsessive with doubt.