Thursday, December 23, 2010


Aharon Friedman, a lawyer for the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means committee has sadly separated from his wife Tamar Epstein. From whItalicat has been posted in Failed Messiah, it is a nasty situation.

The reason Friedman got posted about in Failed Messiah is that he is refusing to give Epstein a get due to a crappy custody agreement.

It seems to me that Epstein is a BITCH and that she is ruining the perception of real innocent agunot everywhere, which was already done for me from my experience with Jewish women (thankfully I never married and I'm still single. I'm still young. XD )

A woman would HAVE to be a bitch to one extent or another in order to push a man to not want to give her a get. It is a total fallacy to think that a woman is innocent just because she is an agunah. If she is an agunah chances are she contributed to the situation somehow.

Now to where the Epstein is bullying Friedman, a certain Rabbi Herzfelt on behalf of Epstein sent an email to Friedman's boss at the House Ways and Means committee saying

“It is your ethical and professional responsibility to tell Aharon to give the Get immediately,” Rabbi Herzfelt wrote. “If you do not do that you are indeed complicit in his behavior.”

It seems to me that the rabbi's letter to Friedman's boss, is not logically sound on all counts.

A boss at work has absolutely nothing to do with an employee's behavior outside of work, professionally or ethically.

Friedman's boss is certainly not complicit in how Friedman is handling his divorce situation as Friedman's boss has nothing to do with it.

For Rabbi Herzfelt to suggest it's the boss' fault is a bullying tactic at the expense of what the truth is.

The real bad guys in get situations gone wrong are not the Friedmans of the Jewish world but rather the rabbis for not allowing women to give divorces based on sloppy interpretations of the Torah.

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Anonymous said...

Herzfeld is too busy seeking openly Gay men to join his congregation to have studied the facts of the case