Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is This Blog Antisemitic?

One of my posts has been deemed antisemitic by and the editor(s) of did not have the courtesy to drop a memo on my blog to inform me of this.

Putting a jew's criticism of jewish society in a category of antisemitism cheapens the phrase of antisemitism, dilutes the definition in such a way to reduce intellectual honesty and self reflection, and by the way, it also cries wolf.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Here's a reasonable definition of anti-Semitism for you to consider:
Anti-Semitism is criticism of the Jewish people for faults that are either non-existent, not defining characteristics of the group or which the one criticizing does not care about in other groups.
Calling Jews misers or racists is anti-Semitic since Judaism does not espouse racism or being a miser as defining characteristics.
Criticizing Jews for occupying another people's land while ignoring Darfur, Tibet, etc. is anti-Semitic since if one really cared about oppression, all such cases would demand attention, not just Israel's.
In your case, this doesn't apply. You're just a crude ranter with poor skills in grammar and spelling. Huge difference.

SJ said...

>> You're just a crude ranter

One man's crude ranter is another man's whistleblower

>> You're just a crude ranter with poor skills in grammar and spelling.

I have better things to do than to rub it into your blog when you make trivial mistakes. I've seen them before.