Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ok so I have an orthodox friend who once in a while does try to get me to go somewhere to learn Torah. He obviously doesn't know I'm messianic. Noone does.

But here's the thing.

As I've been railing about for ages, the vibe I get from the orthodox community is "this is what we do SJ, either do what we do or f### off." And of course, I'd rather f### off because orthodoxy simply requests tooooo much for no apparent reason.

- I have everything I need for mental stimulation from books at home.

- I have all the human contact I need at work.

- I have no need to go to orthodoxy to find a girl since orthodox girls only bother with you if you follow everything and for me that's a nonstarter.

We all know that joining a sect benefits the sect because it is one more follower for them, but how will orthodox judaism benefit me?

And why should you take a stab at this question? Because if you can answer it your kiruv skills will skyrocket.

I am literally giving the orthodox a chance to sell me.

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