Monday, November 15, 2010


Today I was given a small reminder on why i switched towards atheism, it's personal so I won't elaborate on it. I'm at a point mentally where I do believe that the New Testament does make the Old Testament look real, but the problem is life is basically the same whether I'm involved in Judaism, whether I am an avid atheist, or whether my mentality takes a turn towards the way it did a couple of months ago.

I do work part time, that helps of course, I work out, that helps. I feel so good after I finish an hour at the gym.

Anyways, with regard to organized religion- I am absolutely noninvolved with any organized religion. Now, here are a few questions that I would like to ask the reader should s/he be so inclined to answer-

Does it make sense to be involved in organized religion just because religion has always been apart of the human experience?

Does it make sense to pray in an organized manner and not expect anything in terms of prayers being answered? (In other words, understanding that certain things point towards the existence of God but lean towards a deism)

Yes I know it seems like I have weak faith, I always had weak faith even in my yeshiva high school days.

Anyways, any thoughts on the questions I bring up are appreciated.

Now, I am going to change the subject and talk about comment moderation on this blog.

It is here to stay for these reasons-

1) It keeps the blog clean by filtering spammers that post gibberish and dumb ads in earlier posts. This does happen.

2) My temperament has changed and I will not be accepting personal attacks the way I did in previous years.

I will not block a comment just for disagreeing with me. I will block a comment with snide remarks.

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