Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shalmo The Dishonest Debator Yet Again

Mellock left a post here that didn't show since I activated comment moderation to ban a leftist from posting since he lied to me to my face suggesting that the Torah permits abortion (I know I said I thought it was registered as spam at first, it was a mistake, Mellock's post felt like spam). I am only going to show the part relating to Shalmo since the cosmological argument stuff has been all debated and I posted about it somewhat in OTD's blog.

>> As for Shalmo, I do not think he is an atheist, but nor do I think he is an Islamic fundamentalist, for obvious reasons. I think he really is a Muslim, but a wishy-washy sort of modernist Muslim.

In my opinion, we know that Shalmo has one personality that's atheist because

  • Shalmo has argued using anti-bible interpretations of archaeology.
  • Shalmo has argued against aspects of religion that Islam affirms i.e. virgin birth and messiahship of Jesus (Islam does not affirm Jesus' divinity or crucifixion)
  • Shalmo was about to argue against the global deluge on OTD's blog until I challenged him on it then he backtracked and lied that Islam only affirms a local flood.

I know that Shalmo has yet another personality that is Islamic because he says he's not an atheist and because you (Mellock) and OTD says Shalmo is Islamic.

I call Shalmo an Islamic fanatic for 2 reasons

  • He does not believe that today's Jews are real Jews. He subscribes to the conspiracy theory of Shlomo Sands that Jews come from Khazars.
  • Shalmo is extreeeeeeeeeemely anti-Israel and does not even give Israel credit for its Islamic citizens having equal rights.

The thing is when I was having a fallout with the orthodox clique and they spread stupid shit about me, and I became SJ for the first time, I was railing against the dishonesty of the religious establishment. Shalmo rails against Jews on an existential level.

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