Friday, October 1, 2010

A commenter made an excellent point about Carl Paladino

A commenter made an excellent point about Carl Paladino, the GOP candidate for governor of New York. To quote:

#1: He (Paladino) has a vested interest in the success of this state. If the state succeeds, so does his business. That makes a good candidate.

#2: He has proven himself to be able to handle money properly. Cuomo has taken part in squandering of billions of our dollars, on top of being partly responsible for the housing crisis.

#3: He is using his business sense to launch his platform--proposing extreme ideas with the knowledge that they will not be implemented in their extreme form, rather they will be implemented somewhere in the middle. Just like negotiations should be. Cuomo will use the same old tactics of three men in a room. Same old corruption.

(SJ would differ here, using eminent domain on the ground zero mosque is a good idea.)

#4: He has a vested interest in lower taxes. As a business owner, you would rather not have to worry about tax breaks--lower taxes means it's easier to run your business, and easier for people to do business with you.

#5: He is from upstate, and knows and cares about the needs of upstate. He also has a running mate from downstate, which shows me that he is trying to INCLUDE the ENTIRE state in his governorship, rather than just one side. If Cuomo is elected, he will do the same as his father and every other governor and focus on their home area---down state.

(SJ would disagree with point five, Cuomo would care about upstate and downstate New York and ruin it all. SJ isn't particularly interested in catering to any particular sector of NY just in who is good for NY in general and who isn't.)

Now, try to use the same intelligence when telling me why cuomo is a good candidate.
And perhaps you could address the nursing home that he ignored, the housing crisis, the bigoted campaign slogans he created for his father, the fact that he allowed the state to rent private office space instead of using state owned buildings.

[end quote]


Jack Reylan said...

How dare they call Carl crazy or dangerous after Spitzer and Paterson! Stick a plunger up Cuomolectual Cox Yucker Bloombugger’s nose to relieve his congestion pricing and his metric system. Spray DDT to kill the bedbugs and roaches that infest Manhattan minds. When we were allowed to smoke, TB and bedbugs got fumigated. Parasite Manhattan residents, like Washington DC and exconvicts should not be allowed to vote, unless they want to vote in Europe. Move all the parasite universities to Manhattan and tax all college degrees and net present value of rent control to reduce our property taxes. Require a valid driver license for any employment. Double tax any parasite not working for profit. Build and join rail hubs at Woodside and West Farms to bypass Manhattan. Liberate Long Island City and Brooklyn from over a century of 1898 Tamanend oppression. Move UN, missions, residences to Governor’s Island surrounded by gators. Anyone who shops at Whole Foods must consume at least one of their own organs weekly. Apartment dwellers must consume any vermin found on their premises. Turn Central Park into a smelly green waste processing facility. Firebrand the forehead of anyone having an abortion. Access in and out of subway stations should only be by firepole. David Broder in the Washington Post of July 25, 1984, called Mario Cuomo "one of the most artful manipulators since Machiavelli". In the May 15, 1984 New York Times B1 Mario Cuomo called civil defense planning (such as might have prevented 9/11) futile "Cuomo said that prayer was the best preparation for a nuclear attack. He also urged everyone to read 'The Butter Battle Book' by Dr. Seuss for a clearer understanding of the issues." Your islamosympathic gutterswabbing clothing and pierced privates spread disease. If you weren't such baby killing, vermin snuggling perverts you wouldn't be driving up our health costs, then collecting disability for your commie nutty organizing dementia. Your passive aggressive labor unions grab our guns, cars (congestion pricing), balls (SONDA), wallets, and homes but we will grab your throats and dang you from trailer bone tolls. Second Amendment is the ONLY Homeland Security. Wait until we waste all your stumbent subprimes, so you need to sell your affectation glutton art and work instead of diverting tuition and Y2K scams to soviet freezeniks! Deport immigrants who return to their home country more than once every five years. Lynch soviet wealth fund abetting aghadhimmic peakies when oil plummets! Parasites complain about salaries but pig out on benefits. Aqua volte! This land wasn't built by bully craps.

SJ said...

lol a comedian XD