Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's going on inside the Republican Party?

In a nutshell .....

The Tea Party made it so that the old wisdom of the Republican Party just being the party of national security while compromising on every other conservative issue does not work anymore.


Garnel Ironheart said...

The Tea Party is going to make the Republicans unelectable.
The main difference between Left and Right is that the Left has a long view on things and patient to carry out long-term plans while the Right is impatient and wants things fixed now.
The Left, for example, long ago took over the educational system from kindergarten through university and as a result children in the public system graduate after years of indoctrination into how great socialism and unions are. Frankly, it's amazing the Right gets any votes at all when you think about it.
Also, for any major party to get a majority in the general election they have to not only carry their consitutency but a good number of centre votes between extreme left and right. The rise of the Tea Party will push those centre votes into the Democratic camp and cost Republicans dearly.

SJ said...

I would differ and say that the USA is further to the right than the mainstream media and academia cares to admit.

The Democrats lost the independents / center already. People are mad at Obamacare, joblessness, and the national debt, among other things.