Monday, September 6, 2010

Shalmo The Dishonest Debator

Shalmo is our favorite Jewish born Muslim who has multi-personality disorder. In one side of his brain he is a Richard Dawkins style atheist and on the other side of his brain he is an Islamic fundamentalist (ya he isn't the State of Israel's best friend).

This person spammed my Non-Fundamentalist Bible study with the Richard Dawkins half of his brain, whereas Islam opines a literal 6 day creation (Koran 11:7). Now, how can Shalmo be a literalist Muslim and be a Richard Dawkins style atheist denying divine creation? If Shalmo is not a literalist Muslim how can he bash my non-fundamentalist bible study?

Clearly, the brain of Shalmo is less than honest. Shalmo needs MENTAL help. Dude, either be a Muslim, or be a Richard Dawkins style atheist. I don't see how it is logical to be both. Either Shalmo has a serious case of multi-personality disorder OR Shalmo is his atheist crowd or his Islamic crowd.

When I reported on my blog that I was convinced to believe the New Testament, Shalmo was harassing me about slavery in the Bible. If I knew he was Islamic back then, I would have told him not to talk because not only is there not a single Islamic country that is a democracy without American aid, slavery is alive and well in the Islamic world. Historically Arab Muslims played a major role in the slave trade. Yet Shalmo still persists in licking and sucking and gargling on Islamic balls while hating Israel the only Middle Eastern country that allows Muslims to vote without the USA doing anything to cause it to happen.

Now, to answer Shalmo's gripe about interpreting modern science into the creation story, it is silly to expect God to explain modern science to people from thousands of years ago so on the issue of creation God spoke in metaphor. Done. It is really irrelevant what other scriptures say since it is granted that metaphor adds a level of vagueness. The purpose of interpreting scientific cosmology into Torah is not necessarily to authenticate it but to show that there's no conflict.

We know the universe is not eternal, and we know that the universe can't get here on its own. (As per Newton all actions need a force to push it to happen.) There is no way out of the conclusion that God did it, as primordial mover.

When Shalmo goes before God, he's going to have to explain why half of him was a Dawkins atheist and the other half of him dreams of sucking the nuts of whoever leads Hamas these days. Maybe God will allow Shalmo to plead insanity.

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Mellock said...

[First of all, the argument is neither valid nor sound. Second of all, if it were either, which it's not, the argument only supports the existence of a "prime mover" i.e. a sort of "cosmic fart" to get things started. Calling said prime mover "God" is baseless labeling. Furthermore, we do not KNOW that the universe had a beginning, we only think it did based on the latest theories, but some would argue that time itself began with the big bang (which was not an expansion of mass into a pre-existing space-time, but the expansion of the very fabric of reality), so arguably the universe always did exist, even if it was not infinite or eternal because according to standard big bang cosmology, there was no time before the Big Bang. Finally, your appeal to Newtonian causality in the context of the Big Bang is ironic, given that Big Bang theory is based on general relativity.]

As for Shalmo, I do not think he is an atheist, but nor do I think he is an Islamic fundamentalist, for obvious reasons. I think he really is a Muslim, but a wishy-washy sort of modernist Muslim.