Saturday, September 4, 2010

ROFL@ Liberal Frustration Heading Into November Midterm Elections

This is a video from leftist youtuber known as the Amazing Atheist (TAA) I'm going to refer to him in this blog post as TAA since it's about politics not religion so atheist is irrelevant.

List of TAA fallacies:

1) Being so arrogant as to think he's able to determine the interests of adults he has nothing to do with.

2) Disparaging conservative protest in general. Gallup says the USA has more conservatives than liberals. When conservatives protest it ought to be taken seriously in political discussion.

3) Awww I thought liberals and leftists were against using the word FAGGOT. XD

4) Disparaging the tea party. The Democrats are scared shitless of a grassroots movement of fiscal responsibility because, if *God forbid* (note sarcasm), the federal government actually balances budgets more often, then the Democrats/leftists will lose their ability to be popular and win elections with other people's money.

5) Did the Republicans F### up so baaaad during the Bush years? Gee, I wonder who was in control of Congress since 2006? Not the Republicans.

6) Disparaging the education level of tea partiers. 75% of Tea Partiers are college educated. That's nothing to sneeze at.

7) Referring to demands for fiscal responsibility as "closed mindedness." The tea party includes libertarians who are socially liberal while economically conservative sooooo, I highly doubt the typical liberal definition of "closedmindedness" applies.

TAA's angst towards Glenn Beck is particularly funny. Regarding Glenn Beck's recent rally in Washington DC, here is an interesting post about it.

The thing is, the people who voted for "change" in 2008 did not vote for the USA to run out of change! Obama is making the USA run out of change.


Baruch Spinoza said...

You do not know anything about TheAmazingAtheist. I know him and I have spoken with him on several times, and been following him for many many years when he was really small on YouTube. He inspired me very much. He is not a typical left-winger. For one, he used to be a conservative then he changed. But he is not a liberal, he is actually a semi-anarchist. And his positions against the right is different from what you would first imagine. He

SJ said...

>> You do not know anything about TheAmazingAtheist. etc. etc. etc.

Baruch, focus. I am not discussing TAA on a personal level. I am discussing the issues TAA brings up.

It seems fair to say that TAA is some kind of leftist since he bashes capitalism and supports Obama.