Monday, August 2, 2010

Sham-O The Dishonest Debater Part 6

On the JP blog our favorite Jewish born Muslim, Sham-O, has attempted to debate religion with me.

Now, in this blog post, Sham-O will not be allowed to respond to me; because, that's the way it works in Islamic countries. In the vast majority of Islamic countries, if you disagree with the government, you magically disappear and noone hears from you again. I am in charge of my blog, so when Sham-O comes here I would like for him to feel at home.

When I first said in my blog that I started believing the New Testament, I did defend my belief when it was challenged. however I prefer to avoid talking about messianism to jews since there is no biblical reason to. As per the New Testament, God will keep his promises to the Jews like in the Old. I don't talk to gentiles about religion either, aside from my blog, I don't really talk about religion with anyone. It's that when anyone comes to my blog, they consent to read posts about anything I post about and they don't have to.

Secondly, Christianity has a big plethora of apologetics that deals with the concerns of skeptics and dissenters. There's no reason for me to reinvent the wheel when the answers have already been written.

Sham-O is an arrogant brat who dismisses points that disagrees with him in a blanket manner without discussion the issues on a point by point basis.

Further, in virtue of being Islamic, Sham-O is supposed to believe that the Bible is corrupt, so there is no point in debating him since he is not going to be convinced otherwise. I look at my blog as more of a site for dispensing and opinion and encouragement on the topic of religion (Old Testament only), but I don't go out to convince new believers outside of my blog.

Ok, I was just joking about not allowing Sham-O to post here. XD We don't want to be like the Islamic countries where no dissent is allowed, and since I ripped at him in this blog post I will allow him to come on here and defend his viewpoint. After this blog post, it will be business as usual and Sham-O will revert to being banned from this blog.

The thing is, Sham-O has indicated that he does not believe the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus. Yet Islam as a matter of Quranic doctrine accepts the virgin birth of Christ (Quran 19:20) and Jesus' messiahship (Quran 3:45), albeit without salvific crucifixion. Now, my question to Sham-O is, how do you take Jesus to be the messiah without the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament?

Do you in fact believe what Islam says? How can Sham-O be happy with the propagation of atheist OTD blogs as being a Muslim? OTD blogs skeptical of Orthodox Judaism I can understand, but dissenting from belief in God himself??

Is it the case that Sham-O Is a liar either to his Islamic coreligionists (if Sham-O is indeed only a cultural Muslim) or a liar to the OTD crowd (if Sham-O is a believing Muslim)?

Sham-O, you are allowed to post here to respond, on the following conditions:

1) No blanket dismissals. You will argue on a point by point basis.

2) No repeating your arguments over again. You can say you still believe your point stands and that's legit, but things don't magically become true because you say it is.

3) Keep your posts small unless you need the space to respond to my original post in this thread in your first post here. I have no need to respond to essays with essays.

4) Don't cry about being banned from here. I told you on OTD's blog why I banned you and I have no need to repeat myself.

5) Keep relevant to the thread. This post is not a defense of Christianity so I don't want to hear attacks on it. I also don't want to hear any anti-Zionist rhetoric.

If you adhere to the 5 commandments Sham-O, I will consider unbanning you from my blog and maybe even stop calling you Sham-O; both upon your request.


Garnel Ironheart said...

It's difficult to pin Shalmo down (and by discussing this with you I'm giving him far more attention than he deserves) but since he has speculated on who I am over at OTD's blog, I can probably do the same here.
I don't think he's Muslim. I think he's a Jew who hated Judaism and, since Islam hates Judaism and also teaches that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" he has become a great Islamophile. However, I think he rejects religion in general but especially ours.

SJ said...

OTD and Mellock said that Shalmo is Islamic. It's probably more likely that Shalmo hates his parents though. lol

Garnel Ironheart said...

OTD and Mellock have tenuous grasps of reality at the best of times. Best not to rely on their thoughts.

Oh and thank you for trying to make peace between me and OTD but it was a wasted effort. Best just not to get involved.

SJ said...

I think Shalmo is at minimum an orthoprax muslim and definitely an apologist at some level.

Remember Garnel when Shalmo tried to convince you that the Bible is corrupt? Accusing the Bible of being corrupted is standard Islamic theology.

Also, Shalmo mentioned something to me about believing in another "prophet" when he "convinces" me to stop believing in Jesus.

Alternatively, Shalmo could in fact be an Islamic extremist pretending to be a secular humanist as a matter of taqiyya in order to reel people into the Islamic Iron Curtain. I say iron curtain because once someone becomes Islamic, the only way he leaves is in a body bag.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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SJ said...

Exchanging links with what site exactly?