Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remember Everyone, It's Not A Ground Zero MOSQUE. It's a CULTURAL CENTER.

It can only hold a thousand worshippers.

By the way back during the big part of the Iraq war while the army was searching for WMDs, Michael Savage was ranting on national radio that "they're not mosques they're masks." Now let's take their word for it that there's not going to be any Islamic fundamentalism there. How do we know that there's not going to be any leftism there? Comeon, they're Muslims and Muslims side with the left, and they're in Manhattan, the liberal hotbed of New York City (yes yes, I know, not all Manhattaners are to the left.). If the USA and Israel are not eviiieeel because they are the Great Satan and Little Satan, then the USA and Israel are eviieeeeeel because they are capitalist and imperialist. So excuuuuuuuse me for not being too convinced that they are nice and wonderful moderates.


Friar Yid (not Shlita) said...

It's hard to tell whether you're serious.

How do we know that there's not going to be any leftism there?

By that logic, you should be out protesting building any new schools or universities as well.

Good luck rallying people around this new talking point.

SJ said...

The difference is universities have positive benefits to society when professors aren't political/agenda driven.

When professors stop being fair and balanced, that's when the problem occurs.

About the universities, who do you think produced the weather underground types of the seventies? Leftist professors. Duh.

In any case I think conservatives generally know to just STFU, not take university liberalism seriously, get the degree, and get $$$ after graduating.