Friday, July 30, 2010

Watch Democrats Be Wise Guys

This is a video of Anthony Whiner blowing up in Congress that the Republicans are "the party of no." This is doing nothing but playing games because the Democrats themselves (for now) have majority power to pass a bill and the Republicans can't stop them, so Weiner Whiner's rant is one big lie.

Watch Democrats say that Republicans are the party of no on any kind of new spending. It is sort of the truth. What Republicans are against, is the American dollar becoming overly inflated and worthless, so a line has to be drawn somewhere. The Democrats don't give a damn about inflation and so they choose to become popular by promise to spend money that is not their own.

Also watch Democrats say that Republicans were against health reform. This is also a lie. The Republicans have a plan for health reform that does not include socialism.

Basically the Democrats are being wise guys and they aren't being straightforward with the public.

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