Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Diplomacy Failure

On the OTD blog, the punk kid Mellock who accused me of being a Fox News drone never took me up on my offers to both play a game of both of us arguing for the reverse position, and using my blog as a platform for discussion.

The fact of the matter is, I became conservative long before I started watching Fox News even though I learned tons of stuff from it and talk radio. What happened was I was watching Bush and Gore debate for election 2000. Gore was promising all kinds of bull shit. Bush said where is Gore going to get the money for all that? (to paraphrase.) And volah! I started to stop taking Democrats seriously. (I stopped taking them seriously even before that during the Clinton sex scandal of course.)

I then did my homework in looking up the conservative, liberal, and even libertarian viewpoints on matters. I flirted with libertarianism for a while, then I decided I'm conservative since I am not liberal on social issues.

I saw how Democrats lied insinuating that there was no multilateralism in the Iraq war. Lots of countries sent what they could.

I saw how Democrats refused to articulate to the American public the political interests behind the opposition to the Iraq war from other countries. For example, the money debt that Saddam Hussein owed Russia, and the oil for food program that France was protecting and making money off of.

Then, the Democrats tried to make it like only one of theirs could "restore America to its standing in the world." And now we have Obama.
Obama's polls in the Middle East isn't that great-

Poll: Obama's ranking in Muslim world slides over Mideast

Muslim countries wary of U.S. and Obama, poll shows

And now, Obama and Europe-

Clearly, Obama's promise of a grander diplomacy failed.

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