Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rant About Illegal Immigrants

OMG they gotta go.

I just got a bad experience trying to order food (I got the wrong sandwich -.-) and guess who was at the counter lol well I wouldn't venture to say if they were legal or not because I don't know for sure. One point I would make is that it's not just Mexicans, there's people from all over all over the world who overstay their visas.

In this post I want to refute a common pro-illegal argument that illegals do the work that Americans don't want to do.

Let's see now.

Illegal immigrants work in restaurants. I cook at home. My family cooks at home.

Illegal immigrants work in crops. Me and my family does gardening and yard work.

Illegal immigrants work in construction. I know someone (they're citizens of course) the parents paid their kid decently for help with many hours of home renovations over a long period of time.

Illegal immigrants work in janatorial stuff. I've seen a Mexican clean windows before. At home we clean windows. I clean my own room. Everyone cleans their own rooms. Everyone in my family makes sure the toilet is clean after it's used. (Granted thankfully I'm not desperate enough to clean toilets for money, but sadly, I'm sure there are citizens who are that way.)

Illegal immigrants take all the no-experience-necessary jobs that should be going to American citizens so that American CITIZENS can get work experience.

Especially with the way the economy is now; more people would be willing to work such medial jobs in order to survive.

The argument that illegal immigrants do the work Americans don't want to is a failure of an argument.

Also, to hell with anyone who says America is broke. There's plenty of people in the USA who have the $$$ to invest and create jobs. They're just holding back because they don't know what new costly regulations and taxes that retard Obama will slap on businesses. As soon as Obama is out of office, everything will be back to normal in a much more timely manner.


Cora said...

This debate is huge in our state and huge in our family. We all agree about the illegal problem and are siding with AZ.

And illegals are more than those from Mexico...and not all Mexicans you encounter are's a very good point and thanks for making it clear. I've got three white/mexican guys that I am pretty fond of ;)

SJ said...

You know something is wrong when a state has to make something illegal that's already illegal. XD

A country has to put its own people first. Obama is putting illegals before Americans.