Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama Admits He Does Not Want The USA To Be A World Power

Obama does not even like the idea of a world power. According to retard Obama, everyone should be like Iceland, or Laos, or Oman.

Link: Recovery means no 'undue' edge for nations: Obama. US President Barack Obama on Sunday said that countries must not have any "undue advantage" if the world is to build a strong and durable economic recovery.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Now, not to be racist of course, because I would vote for a black conservative; but it seems that Obama and his radical left goons want to stick it to the rich white man; which in terms of the global economy, is anyone with a house, car, and tv.

My philosophy is certainly not race based. I only care about what the issues are. The radical left on the other hand, is all about the "evilness of the capitalistic, colonial, white man." Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright is all about the "evilness of the capitalistic, colonial, white man."

Obama wants nothing short of global income redistribution. To Obama, "evil USA" and "evil Israel" and "evil Britain" has to be put in its place. Obama does not want the USA to drill for oil but he is ok with the Middle East drilling for oil. Obama does not want NASA to launch rockets into Space but he is ok with Russia launching rockets. Obama does not want to enforce immigration law, but he is ok with illegals taking all the no-experience-necessary jobs from citizens. Obama does not want to reduce spending, but Obama wants China to own the USA's debt.

It all makes sense now. Obama is the Manchurian candidate.

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