Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How many times have you heard liberals cry about stereotyping and assumptions?

Liberals always cry that stereotyping and assumptions about people are wrong, and I agree. It's wrong when Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama does it to the tea parties. It's wrong when liberals do it to conservatives.

On the OTD blog, I was stereotyped by a liberal commenter by the nickname, Mellock.

Mellock's lines will begin with >> and my response will be on bottom.

>> I mean what's your story? As a secular Jew you were not into the religion of Judaism,

And how does he know about my past? There was a time when I flirted with both the liberal and orthodox sectors of Judaism.

>> but nevertheless took up the cause of its secular ideological counterpart, Zionism.

I was always a zionist. I may not be Jewish religiously anymore, but Israel is still my genes. I don't like it when they get attacked by crackheads who would rather fight instead of stopping the violence and achieving statehood.

>> As a very hardcore Zionist, you were seduced by American neoconservative ideology, so much so that you allowed Fox News to mindfuck you into subservience (in turn making you one of their blogosphere parrots).

Oh and how does he know that I didn't take a look at what liberals had to say? If I agree with Fox News I'm subservient to Fox News? If Mellock agrees with Obama, does that make him subservient to Obama?

>> As a consequence, you fell in love with the religion of the scores of Evangelical Protestant hillbillies who fill the ranks of the "Christian Zionist" movement. You converted, apparently on some Straussian reasoning, or due to a desperate need for camaraderie and/or fellowship, or for whatever superficial reason, even though you apparently had no compelling reason to believe. Then, all of a sudden you started to believe in Jeebus... HALLELUJAH!

Woooooow, if someone were to dis Islam, this guy would explode into a tirade of "waaaaaaaaah intolerance!!!!!!" Somehow this guy feels it's ok to dis Christians and for whatever mind boggling reason, Christians who are the Jew's best friends.

How does he know that I converted? O.o I didn't convert. I am an independent freethinker. In real life I don't even talk to anyone about religion.

>> That is kind of the reverse of the route taken by the redneck Christian Zionists (Evangelical Christianity -> neoconservatism -> militant Zionism). I'm not making fun of your newfound religious views per se, but it would be more respectable if you pursued them out of genuine spiritual convictions, as opposed to mere group-think.

More dissing the friends of jews, and how does he know that I don't really believe? XD Wow Mellock can read minds too! OMG

>>With that in mind, is it any wonder why nobody seems to take you all that seriously. JP certainly does not seem to see you as a "threat." We basically keep you around for the same reasons we keep Shalmo around, for purposes of entertainment.

Now Mellock presumes to be able to speak for "everyone." I'm not so sure JP doesn't see me as something of a "threat" because I am ethnically a Jew who believes in Christ.

Ok now check out Mellock's next post.

>> SJ, I was just giving my honest (if harsh) opinion on why nobody seems to take you seriously. Granted, I know little about you,

However, Mellock sure talked alot of trash.

>> but I am merely stating the obvious based on what I gather.

From his stereotypes, not from my words obviously.

>> You know yourself better than I do, but from what I can read you are another blogosphere Foxbot who mindlessly regurgitates FAUX News talking points.

Everyone learns their views from other people, and I come up with my own insights in my blog regularly. OMG Mellock just did another stereotype. XD

Ok Mellock, here's the deal, I'll take down this post, if you man up and say that you violated a major liberal tenent by stereotyping. XD


Cora said...

Oh geez.

Okay, you are behaving like a sterotypical right-wing conservative on this matter: you are being a bully.

Don't like what some one said to you in a semi-private conversation (comments are like that) so you take it to the center stage and point a big ole glaring light on it and try to bully the person into saying they are wrong.

Not cool.

Notice when I had a legimiate reason to go ranting on my blog, -- some one *ahem* stating that Polytheists lack morals -- I didn't.

I might in the future, without giving names, as a reflective piece...but I didn't do the knee jerk reaction.

So chill. He has a right to his opinion. Don't like it, just walk away. Turn the other cheek. Whatever.

And I must say, I agree with him about Fox News. Every time I watch it I catch myself humming Green Day's "American Idiot".

And BTW: liking the new blog look :)

SJ said...

LOL Cora, this punk made two posts insulting my intelligence. Ok fine I won't try to make him admit he was wrong such a thing would be difficult anyways. lol I'll back off if he backs off.

BTW thanks. XD And, wow, looking at the pics from your blog, you must have one heck of a garden over there.

Cora said...

There will always be a shmuck who questions ones intellegence. The trick is not to let them get under your skin. They are talking out of their ass and making themselves look like a fool. Let them ;)

As for the garden, it helps having a good chunck of land. We live on a bit over an acre. :) I'm really happy with it this year and am already planning next years!

And you are welcome to comment over there, you know. Polytheists don't bite ;)

Mellock said...

Okay, I will admit it! I was a bit of a prick to you. Scratch that. I was a total dick! But understand that you entered into a thread discussing the notorious cyber-terrorist JS to defend him. When you try to insist that a man who gets his jollies sexually harassing people over the net or tormenting young Jewish ladies and their families is "not such a bad guy" then expect to not be well received. Particularly when you drag the thread of discussion off topic.

I actually felt kind of sorry for you, and almost regretted my comments, but if you are going to be such a whiny little bitch about it, then I retract my apology. I concluded my comments to you by telling you to grow up. Now I am asking you to grow a pair.