Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arab Propaganda At Its Best

Check out this dousche

In Hussam Ayloush's latest post, he quotes a news article,0,1892255.story which says

"A UC Irvine student conduct committee has recommended suspending the Muslim Student Union, following repeated disruptions by several of its members during a February speech by the Israeli ambassador, a campus spokeswoman said. The recommendation has not taken effect because the student group has appealed the decision, said UCI spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon."

Ayloush comments, in his blog post UCI committee recommends suspending Muslim student group (Daily Pilot)

"What happened at UCI and what happened off the coast of Gaza are very much related,” Ayloush said. “The peaceful and symbolic protests of the Israeli ambassador at UCI was a reflection of a growing worldwide campaign by human-rights activists to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians and its apartheid policies toward the Palestinian people and, in both cases, the reaction from the Israeli government and its U.S. supporters has been disproportionate and heavy-handed."

ROFL what a retard. Disrupting speeches is not peaceful, and it's not free speech; it's breaking the rules.

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