Sunday, March 21, 2010 Debunked Part 3

From the home page of

>> Like the Christian Missionary, one of the major roles of the Messianic Jew is to proselytize others. They prey on such vulnerable individuals as the lonely, the elderly, the poor, the emotionally unstable, the naive, or those who are just untutored in Scripture. These unfortunates are lured into accepting missionary doctrines out of emotional need, not intellectual conviction. For even after a superficial reading of the missionaries' textual "proofs" within context, one sees that their doctrines are founded solely upon misquotations and mistranslations of Hebrew Scripture.

>> The term "completed Jews" is now used by some Messianic Jews and Missionary Christians to describe Jews who have accepted Jesus as their savior. This is offensive because of the implication that a Jew who has not accepted Jesus is not "complete." This term has also recently popped up in Washington, DC during House subcommittee support of President Bush's proposal to channel government money to religious social service programs. Jewish and civil liberties groups note that this testimony clearly documents the President's initiative will result in government-financed proselytizing.

  • Not every messianic jew is a missionary. These two paragraphs from the home page has lots of unsubstantiated fear mongering.

Take a look at the below video. You will see that the messianic jews in Israel are not the evil horrible monsters that conveys, just ordinary people who decided rabbinic or orthodox judaism wasn't for them.


leto said...

Very interesting. You often bring a sense of clarity to complicated issues

Garnel Ironheart said...

Listen, it's right there in the definition: What unites all Chrisian sects is a belief that God had a son. What unites all Jewish groups is the belief that He didn't. You can't have it both ways. The minute you believe in JC you leave Judaism behind. Tp present oneself as a completed Jew is a lie.

SJ said...

Leto, thanks.

>> Tp present oneself as a completed Jew is a lie.

Religion is subjective. It is up to the individual how he wants to complete himself.

That being said, I wouldn't use the term, "completed jew" on the basis that everyone "completes" themselves in their own way so the phraseology makes no sense to me.

leto said...

"bni bechori israel." "My son, my first born, Israel."