Monday, March 1, 2010

How Low Can Obama Go, Do The Limbo

In the previous thread, we learned how low Obama bowed to the Saudi dictator "ally" of the United States, now we are going to learn how low Obama bowed to the British queen, ally of the United States.

Watch the whole video.


no one said...

You might try to use your considerable talents to help elect a better president next time --maybe Pallin?

SJ said...

Noone my blog is only a billionth of the megaphone that Fox News or talk radio has. Maybe even less.

Sarah Palin is a possibility since she has more executive experience than Obama (when he was a candidate), McCain, and Biden, combined.

Also Palin has a proven track record of reducing government spending, which is very important.

We are going to have to see who else runs at the GOP primary.