Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama: Not Right For The Job

A while ago, I posted on the Failed Messiah blog that in the middle of economic troubles, it is a good idea to make sure that presidential candidates have economic credentials.

Let us review the academic and career background of President Obama and see if it is economic or business related.

B.A. degree at Columbia in Political Science/International Relations. Is that business and economic experience? Nope.

Editor for one year at Business International Corporation. Is it sales? Is it managing people? What did Obama do to grow the company?

Then Obama worked as a community organizer at the New York Public Interest Research Group aka professional leftist protesters. This is nonprofit experience, not business or economics experience.

After, Obama went to Chicago where he directed a church based Developing Communities Project. More nonprofit experience, not business or economics experience.

Then, Obama went to Harvard Law School where he got a J.D. in business and economics ... lol not really. A J.D. is of course a law degree.

Then Obama was a constitutional law professor, more nonbusiness noneconomics experience.

Then Obama was a civil rights attorney, more nonbusiness noneconomics experience.

Then Obama was on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation, more nonprofit nonbusiness noneconomics experience.

Then Obama was an Illinois state senator and a United States senator, more nonbusiness noneconomics experience.

Is Obama the right man for the job of fixing the economy? How can the answer be anything but no?

I would have voted for Romney or Giuliani because Romney has experience in growing companies and Giuliani has experience in getting people off of government dependence. I wasn't too happy about McCain as a candidate also due to his lack of economic creds.

While it is true that when you are conservative, you instinctively know to cut taxes and cut spending, Republicans should indeed be held to the same standard as Democrats. In a time when the economy is as important of an issue as the War on Terror, presidential candidates without business/economic credentials need not apply.


no one said...

He is an enemy of Israel and probably of America also. Just a very sophisticated one.

SJ said...

Well, yeah. Obama is from the leftist environment where they view America and capitalism as the problem and not the solution. They sure don't like Israel very much either even though Arabs have more civil rights in Israel than they do in most of the Middle East.