Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Like Cavemen

Orthodox Jews don't have a musical tradition. The orthodox jewish "musical tradition" sounds either like little kids babbling or it sounds whiny. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong by posting a link to a youtube video to an Orthodox Jewish rock song that I actually can like.


Cheerer said...


oh and your wrong, i responded on my blog.

FactualBasis said...

I'm honored you think reading about your arguments with me is required reading.

I miss you.

SJ said...

Right, welcome back Cheerer/Factual Basis, I'm sure the both of you are one person. -_-

Cheerer said...

Just good friends actually.

If you promise to be good, I will let you out of moderation as long as you keep to the rules (such as posting merely to try and get hits for your blog, as opposed to contributing to the discussion. And yes i know i violated my own rule on your blog, so sue me it was one time)

SJ said...

I'm going to be ignoring your blog.