Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is Israel Becoming Like Iran?

Haredim get to riot and assault women and police, and this guy gets jail for cooking on Shabbat.

I'm a zionist if it's a Jewish America, not if it's a Jewish Iran.

Halacha = Shariah.


Vashty said...

SJ, here is something we can agree on. My Israeli friends complain that their country becomes more and more open to fascism.

I think that some of the problems come from the concept of a "Jewish state." As long as that involves religious identity, it is hard to escape these things. An American holds (or qualifies for) an American passport; if only it were the same in Israel, freedom would come more easily.

SJ said...

There can be religious identity, even for the state if it's sooo important to so many people, without religious coercion.