Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Maine got rid of a law that would allow gay marriage:

That guy Waratteru from the private Haven not Heaven blog must be fuming. XD Waratteru, who is of that "lifestyle" said that he wants gay marriage legalized without ifs ands or butts. I don't know how Waratteru can be gay without butts, and it isn't my problem. XD Or did Waratteru use 1 t? I don't remember. lol

The Republicans took New Jersey and Virginia. XD That ass "moderate Republican" from New York's 23rd district, Dierdre Scozzafava, did not seem to support a single Republican or conservative issue. Even though the Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman didn't win he came close and it was an accomplishment for him to be a third party candidate going neck and neck with a Democrat like that.

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