Sunday, November 8, 2009

CBO Health Figures Are Wrong

Funny how Avian30 seems to put so much faith in the CBO on this issue.


avian30 said...


Did you even read the articles?

The first article refers to an projection of health spending in 1990 that was made in 1965. The CBO didn't even exist in 1965, and repeatedly stresses the fact that it cannot make projections beyond 10 years with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

The second and third articles are articles that say the CBO is overestimating costs and underestimating savings. These are arguments that (if true) support my position, not yours. (Though I question whether they're true and tend to think the CBO is more credible.)

The third article does not demonstrate anything wrong with the CBO's projections or any arguments I have made regarding them. The article says that some of the $829 billion cost of expanding coverage will be offset by taxes and savings in other areas. But both the CBO and myself have been quite clear about this.

avian30 said...

Sorry, the third paragraph in my last comment should have began with: "The fourth article does not demonstrate ... "

SJ said...

I guess readers themselves can read the links I posted and then determine for themselves how accurate the CBO is on the health care issue.

Avian30 honestly I'm not too impressed by you or your spin. * yawn *