Thursday, October 29, 2009

False Dichotomy

Jewish Philosopher seems to think that you can either be an orthodox jew or a sex addict, with no room for a sane middle ground.

Either an orthodox jew or a sex addict is a false dichotomy; indeed the sex drive is anatomical and not psychiatric. It is perfectly normal for guys to be attracted to girls and vice versa. It is perfectly normal for guys and girls to interact. It is perfectly normal for guys and girls to be intimate when they so choose.

It is not normal to cry and rant about homosexuality, and then support separating the genders as much as possible; like what a certain sect does whose name's initials are OJ. (I speak as someone who disagrees with homosexuality.)


David said...

I have rarely met anyone, OJ or not, who is as completely sex-obsessed as JP. It was formerly his practice to visit various skeptic websites and leave sexually suggestive posts, particularly to women.

Joshua said...


He's done so not just at skeptics websites but also to female bloggers who are either going OTD or are thinking about it or are simply not frum enough according to him.

At this point, I suspect that Jacob Stein has some serious mental illness and it is probably best if we just leave him alone. (That I don't shows that I'm just a horrible person).