Thursday, August 13, 2009

Modern Orthodoxy?!?!?!

Modern Orthodoxy don't make sense because you can't take a retarded cult and attach the word modern to it and then suddenly it's modern. Take the fictional religion Origin from the Stargate television series, imagine someone from the show saying, "oooooh we are now Modern Origin, we are no longer full of crap."

A change of semantics does not change the truth value of an idea.


jewish philosopher said...

MO is a transitional stage between Judaism and athiesm. The same is true of Reform, Conservative, liberal Protestants and secular humanists. They are bridge religions.

SJ said...

Modern orthodoxy is basically an attempt at being a non-strict non-retarded non-cult while being a strict retarded cult all at once.

The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

You forgot to put my blog address in to credit me for inspiring your latest rant.

You're welcome.

SJ said...

Garnel you think too much of yourself. XD

Joshua said...

Actually, what I really want to see is an Orthoprax version of Origin.

Yeah, we don't believe the Ori are deities but we still act like we do and go send out our massive ships through wormholes and smite those who don't follow Origin. See, it's better that way.