Monday, July 13, 2009


Sotomayor as far as i'm concerned is a racist. WTF? A wise latina woman can make better decisions than a white male? Evil white males can't possibly be empathetic because they're white? This is bull shit, and Sotomayor is a racist for sayin her wise latina comment.

Also, about the fire fighter case the law is equal protection, period. The law does NOT say, equal protection except for when you want to make up for stuff from 200 years ago. Judges are supposed to rule on the written law and their own feelings are not written law.

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The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

What Sotomayer is doing is once again revealing the essential difference between equal opportunity and affirmative action.
Freedom and success are built on equal opportunity. The system recognizes that there are winners and losers but demands that everyone get a fair chance to win.
Affirmative action believes that losing is wrong and that therefore winning is immoral. Therefore winning is outlawed. But no one loses because if everyone is a loser, then no one is a loser. They call it "equivalent outcomes".
Equal opportunity appeals to ambitious, self-reliant folks who want to work hard and get the most out of life. Folks from successful ethnic groups that lack self-guilt usually support it.
Affirmative action appeals to folks who believe that a leftist nanny state which has the power to police your thoughts and actions is the most effective way to create equivalent outcomes. To be fair is more important that anything else.
Groups that have historically not done as well economically or those that have but feel guilty about it belong to this philosophy. For the former, it's about getting the riches without working for it. For the latter it's the reduction of guilt they feel while sipping their champagne at the country club.
Thus Sotomayer's view regarding the firefighter exam. Actual profiency on the exam was irrelevant. Marks are a sign of winners and losers. It's far more important to have a fire department that represents the diversity of the community it serves than one that is composed of the most qualified individuals.
But there is a hypocrisy to the affirmative action group. Fairness is only important as long as their group is seen as disadvantaged. However, once their group starts to do well, they move to entrench that success. Hence the "wise Latina". Certainly Soto would see any white male making an equivalent statement as a racist, hence the hypocrisy.